You have a lot going on in your life. You spend a full day taking care of others, and by the time you take care of any must-dos or errands, you’re totally wiped and ready for bed. The next day, you wake up and do it all over again. You know that burning the candle at both ends isn’t smart, but you also don’t know how to break out of your routine. You’ve been saying that you’ll make time to take care of yourself for months or even years, but you haven’t followed through.


Here’s the thing: because you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re not your best self. You don’t have the focus you need to really excel at what you do. You’re tired all the time, and you might even be carrying a few (or more) extra pounds. You may find there’s tension in your personal and professional relationships because you’re physically and mentally exhausted. You need to spend some time focusing on YOU if you’re going to live your best life.


Making time for yourself is tough. You might eat right and exercise for a few days, or maybe even a week, but you fall off the wagon quickly because of your busy schedule and everything life demands of you. What you need is a plan designed for a busy woman like yourself that you can actually fit into your schedule. And, you need the support of someone who knows the demands of your lifestyle so you can get the accountability you need to stick with that plan.


6 WEEKS TO GETTING Back on Track AND Back to YOU!

I get it. It’s tough to follow a healthy lifestyle when you’ve got a lot going on in your life. But by taking care of yourself, you’ll have the mental and physical strength you need to excel in the workplace and keep up with your personal life, too. You’ll get more out of every minute of the day because you’ll be recharging your batteries on a daily basis.

I designed this 6-week program for busy women like you! This program simplifies living a healthy lifestyle, making it easier to fit into your incredibly busy schedule. I’ll teach you how to live your healthiest life using as little of your time as possible. No spending hours in the kitchen prepping meals and at the gym doing cardio--I promise!

What’s in the Program?

When you sign up for 6 Weeks to Getting Back on Track and Back to YOU, you’ll receive:

  • A digital download with the full 6-week program for you to access wherever and whenever

  • Fast and simple whole food recipes that help you fuel your busy life without taking hours to prepare

  • A guide to meal prepping and planning to save you even more time in the kitchen

  • Nutrition education to help you fuel your body with the nutrients it needs, keep your brain alert and nimble, and help you shed some extra fat

  • Nutrition chats and meal prep videos to help you re-shape your relationship with food

  • Simplified nutrition action steps that you can actually maintain and fit into your busy routine to gain results

  • Nutrition strategies to help you maximize fat burn, decrease inflammation and increase gut health 

  • Time-saving strength training and HIIT workouts so you can see real results in just a handful of minutes a few times a week

  • The ability to complete all workouts from home with minimal equipment

  • A private accountability group so you can get the support you need to stay on track

  • LIVE calls with me to keep you motivated, answer questions and give you the feedback you need to keep rolling with the program

Why 6 weeks to getting Back on Track and Back to YOU Is Different

I know you’ve tried other health and fitness programs in the past and they haven’t worked for you. The problem was those programs weren’t designed for you! I hand-picked every part of this program and designed it for busy women who don't have extra time to spend in the kitchen or in the gym. You’ll finally see results with my program because it’s a plan you can actually fit into your lifestyle.

What Are You Waiting For?

My next round of 6 Weeks to Geting Back on Track and Back to YOU starts on MARCH 5TH! I keep these programs small so I can give you the support and attention you need. Because of the small size of the group, I have just a few spots open for the MARCH 5TH program. Be sure to save your spot NOW before the group fills completely.

How often do you find yourself wishing that you’d started a health and fitness routine a month ago, six months ago, or even a year ago? Don’t keep wishing. Take the steps you need to in order to take care of yourself so you’ll have more energy to be an even better version of you!