Do you know what is in your cans?

Canned food - BPA link has been confirmed!

A study by Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and the Stanford Prevention Research Center has shown that eating canned food increased exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hyper-activity in children. 

What is BPA anyway?

BPA is a compound used to make resins that coat the inside of food cans and jar lids. The amount of BPA is different in each can/ jar on the market. For example, researchers found that one can of mushroom soup was found to have a greater exposure of BPA than three cans of peaches. Without testing all of the cans or jars manufactured on the market, it is difficult to tell which products have the highest exposure to BPA.

What were the research findings?

Canned food was associated with a higher urinary BPA concentration, and the more canned food participants consumed, the higher their BPA levels were. This was true in both children and adults, with the association being even stronger in children!! While there is a link to increased urinary BPA measurements, they are below U.S. Food and Drug Administration exposure guidelines. The FDA has also determined that the current authorized uses of BPA in food packaging are safe.

Despite the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and FDA have determined that the exposure is low, the fact remains that there is exposure to a chemical that has been linked to disease and hyper-activity. It is also alarming that the BPA levels were found to be higher in children who consumed the products.

I highly suggest purchasing cans and jars that are BPA free which you can find on the shelf at your natural food store or local supermarket! Why risk the chance of exposure when you can avoid a chemical like BPA and still consume products you love.

Products that are BPA FREE:

American Tuna:  all canned tuna

Amy’s:  all products

Baby Formulas and Food: Beech NutEnfamilGerberBaby’s OnlyPedialytePediaSure, and Similac are now all in BPA-free packaging

Beach Cliff:  all canned fish

Bearitos:  all products.

Bionaturae:  all products 

Bumble Bee: tuna and sardines canned in the US

Cento: all products

Crowne Prince Natural:  tuna, salmon, and kippers

Earthpure:  all tomato products.

Ecofish (Henry & Lisa’s):  canned tuna

Eden Foods:  all organic beans

Farmer’s Market:  all products

Genova: canned tuna

Hain Celestial Group:  (Earth’s Best, Hain Pure Foods, Health Valley, Hollywood, Imagine Foods, Spectrum, Walnut Acres and WestbraeNatural are canned in non BPA linings comprised of modified polyester and or acrylic

Hunt’s Tomato Products:  Their popular tomato sauce and paste are in BPA-free cans. Their plain tomatoes are lined with vinyl.

Juanita’s:  all canned foods

Jyoti:  all canned Indian foods

King Oscar Norwegian:  all products

Muir Glen:  all products

Native Forest:  coconut milk

Natural Sea: tuna, salmon and clams.

Ocean Brands: salmon, tuna, oyster, crab, snackit, snack n lunch and fish salads. (Not the shrimp, clams and food service size.)

Oregon's Choice:  canned Tuna.

Pillar Rock: all canned fish

Port Clyde:  all canned fish

Raincoast Trading:  all canned fish. 

Sprouts Farmers Markets:  all private label canned products

Trader Joe's Brand:
MOST Canned Fish, Chicken & Beef (Except: Sardines, Crabs, & Cherrystone Clams)
MOST Canned Beans, Fruits & Vegetables (Except: Mandarins, Hatch Chilies, Artichokes & Olives)
ALL Canned Coconut Milk & Coconut Cream.
ALL Pet Food.
FOUR Canned Soups & Stews: Organic Black Bean Soup, Organic Lentil Soup, Organic Split Pea Soup, and Organic Vegetarian Chili.

Tyson:  canned chicken

Vital Choice:  canned fish

Wegman's:  Private label tomatoes, peaches, fruit cocktail and apricot

Whole Foods: All ‘365 Everyday Value’ canned tomatoes, fish, vegetables, coconut milk

Wild Planet:  canned sardines and tuna


Brands that sometimes have BPA:

Eden Foods: canned tomato products (to avoid BPA, look for their new glass jars)

Trader Joe’s Brand:  Canned Artichokes, Crab, Cherrystone Clams & Oysters, Dolmas, Mandarins, Hatch Chilies, Grecian Style Eggplant with Tomatoes & Onions, Olives, Sardines. All soups, chilis and stews, except those listed above.

Whole Foods: Some ‘365 Everyday Value’ beans and other products not listed above 

Brands to Avoid — All Use BPA Cans:

  • A Taste of Thai
  • Brad’s
  • Bush’s
  • Campbell’s Soups: Has announced that it will completely phase out BPA from its cans by the middle of 2017. A 2016 study conducted by Michigan’s Ecology Center (pdf) found that 100% of Campbell’s cans tested contained BPA.
  • Carnation
  • Chef Boyardee
  • Chi-Chi’s
  • Comstock
  • Del Monte
  • Duncan Hines
  • Eagle
  • Full Circle
  • Goya
  • Green Giant
  • Healthy Choice
  • Hormel
  • La Choy
  • Libby’s
  • Musselman’s
  • Ocean Spray
  • Old El Paso
  • Progresso
  • Spam
  • Thai Kitchen
  • Wolfgang Puck’s

To look up a particular product see:

BPA is also found in:

  • Food and drink packaging
  • Shiny store receipts
  • The lining of food cans
  • The lining of aluminum cans
  • Milk container linings
  • The inside of bottle tops
  • Water Pipes
  • Dental sealants
  • Polycarbonate tableware
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Some Newspaper Ink
  • Carbonless Copy Paper

Pay special attention to shiny thermal receipts: ATM receipts, cash register receipts, prescription labels, lottery/airline tickets, etc., many contain BPA.

Sources - IDEA Fitness Journal November-December 2016/ Nifty Homestead May 2016