A New Year for New Beginnings!! (Motivation and a Workout Challenge)

Happy New Year!!! Here is to a NEW YEAR for NEW BEGINNINGS!

I don't like saying a NEW YOU as this insinuates that the old or current you was/is not good enough. You are the only YOU out there and should not be and cannot be compared to anyone else. Love yourself, not hate yourself in order to progress. Love yourself, not hate yourself in order to be open to new beginnings!
So this year, strive for progress, strive to try new things, strive for new beginnings that will help shape YOU into a better version of yourself. All it takes is one small step and the rest will follow.

Remember that we change and not things. The power is in your hands to make a change if you are not happy with your situation. Start now, no matter how hard it might be, no matter how much effort it might take. Take a small step towards your goals and just START! Small steps add up to big results and change! If you fail, get back up and try again. If you succeed, build upon your success, don't stop there, keep moving forward!

Ready to START? Let's do this together. Let's make this the year that you are proud of yourself, the year that you become the best version that you see for yourself, the year when you don't stop or let anything stop you!

Join me and start this healthy new year with my Holiday 3-part Series Challenge!! Pick 3 days this week and commit to doing these workouts. Built upon your success each week until exercise becomes consistent. 

Holiday Challenge #3 (4 rounds of 45 seconds each exercise):

Lunge Jumps

Right Leg Curtsy Lunges

Left Leg Curtsy Lunges

Holiday Challenge #2 (4 rounds of 45 seconds each exercise):

Jumping Jack Punches

High Low Punches right hand

High Low Punches left hand

2 ct Speedbag/ 2 ct Plank Punches´╗┐

Holiday Challenge #3 (4 rounds of 45 seconds each exercise):

4 Cross-Body Mountain Climbers/ 2 Plank Jacks

Left Leg Single Sided Lifts

Plank Hamstring Curls

Right Leg Single Sided Lifts´╗┐

Need extra motivation to take the first step? Let me guide you to living the life you want for yourself - Sign ups are happening now for Kickstart to Live Fit (enroll above under tab - Kickstart to Live Fit) if you are ready to kickstart your fit life and have a coach motivating you, pushing you, and supporting you every step of the way. 

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