Make those summer resolutions now!




Summer has arrived and it is now officially the middle of the year! Do you remember the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year, the promises that you made yourself?  How have you been progressing towards meeting your goals? Maybe you met the goals you set or maybe you never got going at all.  Regardless of what has happened up until this point, it is time to re-dedicate yourself to making positive changes in your life. It is time to make summer resolutions! Making resolutions or setting goals halfway through the year can be a great way to start off your summer. The change in weather is a good time to make a fresh start.

Here are a few tips for making your summer resolutions:

Set small, achievable, and realistic goals. For example - If you are many pounds over your goal weight or size, it is not realistic to think you will be strutting the beach in a tiny suit in just a few weeks. Instead, make fitness and diet changes that will contribute positively to your intended outcome (journaling, prepping and planning, starting a fitness routine). Do not set yourself up for disappointment by making an unrealistic goal.

Benefit from the change in season. The days are longer, the temperature is higher, and the possibilities for activities are endless.

Eat less
Reducing your food intake can be a good way to help curb weight gain and reduce excess pounds. Eliminating one 250 calorie snack per day can lead to a deficit of calories and a potential loss of weight per week. Remember that your body does have minimum calorie requirements for functioning properly and this will vary by individual. It is typically unsafe to drop calories below 1200 per day for women. Please seek the recommendation of your doctor or registered dietitian if you are considering a reduction in your food consumption.

Eat more fruits and vegetables
The fruit and vegetable selection during the summer months is vast. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be a low calorie way to fill your plate. Greens, squash, tomatoes, watermelon, and berries are just some of the items I enjoy in the summer time. 

Get outside
Spending time outside can clear your head and lift your spirits. When the weather turns warm, make a point of getting outside for a little while each day to soak up a little sun and enjoy the fresh air. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Exercise outside
Exercising outdoors can be one of the great joys of summer. There are lots of activities that you can participate in like walking, hiking, jogging or biking. 

Try something new
A new season can be a fresh start and a new activity may be just the ticket to starting the season off right. Think about trying a new outdoor fitness activity that you’ve always been curious about like those mentioned above. If exercising outside isn’t your style then try a new class, different gym, or a workout video. Challenge yourself to find a new activity that you enjoy AND can stick to.

Whatever you do, don’t get down if you haven’t met the resolutions you started the year with! The summer is a wonderful time to reassess your needs and goals and make a new plan for the season. Think about incorporating the benefits of summer like the great weather and healthy foods into your resolutions so you can make those benefits work for you. Make your summer resolutions today and get moving!