Does Eating at Night Make Me Gain Weight?

Simply put it does not!  The recommendation to not eat meals 2-3 hours before bed has more to do with the types of foods chosen to eat before laying down for the night than the simple act of eating at night.  What actually makes you gain weight is eating more calories than you burn on a regular basis.  The body does not have an enzyme with a clock that automatically tells your body to store food as fat after a certain time in the evening.  Rather, we all have a certain number of calories that we need to consume daily to stay healthy and maintain weight according to our height, weight, and activity level.  As long as you do not exceed that number then you will maintain weight and not gain given you are making healthy food choices when you do eat.  

Now that you know that one late meal will not derail your healthy regime, please do eat something for dinner even if it is late as going without food can make you gain weight.  Make the late night meal light and healthy - lean protein, complex carbs, low on saturated fat and sugar so you are not kept up by hunger pains or low blood sugar.  You also will feel your best keeping your calories/ food distributed evenly throughout the day so plan snacks in between meals.  This will prevent extreme hunger and blood sugar highs and lows.  It will also keep portion sizes down and help you feel and sleep better!