5 Ways to Cut Calories!

So the holidays have passed but you still cannot seem to cut down on your consumption! 



Here are 5 ways in which you can cut CALORIES today and take a small-change approach to your health in order to start off the year with a realistic and long-lasting healthy eating routine. 

1. Control over-tempting sensations (that have become habits)

- be aware of your trigger foods as they often trigger overeating, substitute with satisfying alternates
- plan ahead for parties, ex. eat a light protein-based snack before heading out
- find a balance with favorite foods, even healthy favorites; commit to enjoying and not overindulging
- be aware of overloading on breakfast starch, ex. cereal or a bagel
- be aware of overloading on protein at restaurants, start with a salad and eat plenty of vegetables, share your meal

2. Make simple substitutions/ wiser choices

- try plant-based protein sources like lentils or beans in lieu of meat every meal
- try a serving of whole grain crackers or rice cakes in lieu of sliced bread
- try fresh whole fruit in lieu of fruit juice
- try an 8 oz. serving of yogurt in lieu of a 1.5 oz. serving of cheese
- try fresh berries in lieu of dried fruit
- choose olive-oil based dressings over creamy mayo-based dressings
- choose grilled over fried
- choose whole grain over white
- choose fresh berries and whipped cream for dessert over cheesecake
- choose mustard over mayo as a condiment on sandwiches


Making simple substitutions like choosing calorie dense foods (fruits and vegetables) will keep you satisfied for longer than processed foods!

3. Eat smart at home

- serve meals on a small salad plate to avoid over-eating
- start with a salad or soup to control portions of main entree
- don't eat out of a bag or package, put it on a plate
- have only one helping of each food group besides vegetables
- freeze containers of left-overs in individual-sized containers for portion-controlled meals later on

4. Make smart swaps at restaurants

- swap out fries for veggies
- spice your tea or coffee with cinnamon to help stabilize blood sugar, good source of vitamin K and iron
- order appetizers/ salads as meals
- avoid over-sized portions of food and drinks (regular or even kiddie-size are large enough)
- go for tomato-based sauces over cream sauces
- choose thin crust v. deep-dish pizza
- choose miniature desserts v. full-size

5. Survive the buffet

- choose foods you truly enjoy, you do not have to sample everything
- fill up on veggies, fruit and greens with dressing on the side
- skip foods with a lot of sauce
- commit in advance to eating only one plate
- eat slowly and savor every bite
- drink water throughout the meal
- wear tighter-fitting clothing

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