Stop dieting and start LIVING!!

A NEW YEAR to Stop Dieting and Start Living!


Have you ever wondered why you just can't shed the last few pounds despite seriously cutting back on your calories and depriving yourself of foods you love?

Have you ever felt hopeful to make a change in your life but no matter what you tried, you could not move forward?

Have you ever felt desperate to be free from your current situation but could not break free no matter how much you pushed yourself?

You are not alone!

A large percentage of Americans feel this way and continue to try to find the next best thing or the next quick-fix to get them out of their current situation as quickly as possible. They go through the effort to try the new program, only to feel deprived and disappointed. They then give up as it is just too hard to maintain such a rigid lifestyle and turn back to their old ways.

When following a strict, rigid diet, participants are more likely to encounter the "Yo-Yo effect" as they become vulnerable to losing control of eating and developing higher levels of emotional disinterest due to the restrictions placed upon them. Studies have shown that increased awareness of calories ingested and expended, as well as food choices is important for short-term weight loss, however, having more emotional control with regard to exercise and nutrition is associated with long-term weight loss.

This is exactly why I advocate nutrition education and using an 80/20 Approach to my personal training clients and those participating in my Back on Track, Back to YOU program

Living Fit is a lifestyle and not a destination! If you want health for life then you need to put in the work and effort to obtain health and maintain it for life.

What exactly is the 80/20 approach and how is it different from dieting?

The 80/20 approach encourages clients to strive to make healthy choices 80% of the time and allows for planned-out treats, unintended splurges, and missed exercise sessions 20% of the time.

Clients need to do the following to be successful with the 80/20 approach:

1. Let go of thinking that perfection is necessary (or even possible) for weight loss and weight maintenance.

2. Learn how to give themselves "real, guilt-free", permission to include controlled portions of treats as part of their weight loss programs.

3. Develop a plan to rebound quickly from their slips, by "letting go" of a slip when it happens and avoiding subsequent feelings of guilt and negativity. Accept the slip, learn from it, and move on!

Ready to adopt the 80/20 approach into your lifestyle?

Here are a few nutrition tips for success that I give my local and online clients:

1. Fill your pantries and refrigerators with REAL food - fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources, complex carb sources, fiber-rich foods, and Omega-3s to name a few.

2. Cook at home at least 2-3x a week so you can control what you are consuming.

3. Pack healthy and quick snacks for your day so you keep your energy and metabolism up throughout the day.

4. Drink water!

5. Sleep!

6. Exercise!

Enroll in Back on Track, Back to YOU TODAY and get ready to Start LIVING again and stop DEPRIVING yourself of nourishment and enjoyment -

Michelle GutierrezComment