What is all the buzz about working your CORE?

Working your CORE is so much more than just having washboard abs to show off on social media!


Why is it important to strengthen the core and what is the core comprised of?

The core is the center of all movement. Your focus should not be on having a flatter stomach for aesthetic purposes, but on building strength in your core for optimal functionality and movement.

Your core is a complex series of muscles that is used in almost every movement of the human body. The muscles that make up the core extend far beyond what is commonly referred to as the "abs". In addition to the muscles in the diagram below, the core includes your gluteal muscles, erector spinae, diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles. Our core has three-dimensional depth and movement in all three planes of motion. It often is used as a stabilizer rather than a prime mover. Yet consistently people focus all their training on the core as a prime mover, such as in crunches or back extensions versus stabilization movements like planks and functional movements like deadlifts, overhead squats, pushups, and inchworms. By training your core solely in isolation, you decrease strength gains, decrease efficiency of movement, and longevity of health.


This explains why most of the exercises that are included in my workouts include stabilization and dynamic movements. Core strength is the ability to control the force we produce/ stabilize movement. It is important to first achieve core stability to protect the spine and surrounding musculature from injury in static movements and then gradually move on to dynamic movements. An increase in core strength and stability results in a decrease in injury, pain, and movement compensation.

So with that being said - push play on the workout videos below to work on strengthening your core.

Remember that it takes strength on the inside, as well as strength on the outside which is why I am a huge proponent of proper nutrition and provide nutrition coaching to my Live Fit for Life 12-month clients as well as Back on Track clients. No matter how much you strengthen your deep core muscles, they will not show definition if you don't stay strong with your food choices. 


Demonstration video link - https://youtu.be/ZFHvWA7YrQQ

Exercise Breakdown - 20 reps each exercise, 3 rounds total of circuit


1. Push-ups to Alternating Side Planks

2. Oblique Twists

3. Right Side Plank Dips

4. Left Side Plank Dips

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Demonstration video link - https://youtu.be/8DCUZ8B-Kv0

Exercise Breakdown - 20 reps each exercise, 3 rounds total of circuit


1. Pilates Scissors

2. Slow Climbers

3. Alternating Wide Toe Touches

4. Up Up Down Down Planks

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