My experience working with Michelle has been excellent! 

Michelle has helped me see the big picture and realize that change is not a linear path.  There will be constant set backs, I just need to keep moving forward.

I chose to work with Michelle because she understands the struggles of being a Mom and raising a family.  She embodies what my initial goal was - to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I am fully committed to executing our established program, and look forward to the results to be attained.  She makes herself easily accessible through a variety of communication channels, and does an excellent job of checking in with me, and reviewing my progress.  Along with providing consistent motivation, she also provides plentiful information, tips, and recommendations regarding overall health and wellness.  I am proud to share with others that I am actively working with Michelle, and I would easily and excitedly promote her services to anyone who is interested!

- Jade (12-month Live Fit for Life coaching client)


The best thing that I have gotten from working with Michelle is ACCOUNTABILITY!

When I started working with Michelle, my general goals were to build strength and muscle mass, while also trying to show some definition in my chest and arms.  Initially, my largest obstacle was validating the cost vs benefits to myself, and incorporating the cost into my personal budget.  I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to be “throwing money away,” by not executing my personal goals.  Once I was mentally prepared to move forward with my new workout regiment, I identified my biggest challenges to be my water consumption, and working towards a healthy diet.

I feel that Michelle’s involvement has held me accountable to my commitment, and she continuously provides motivation and drive to keep me excited about my progress and my future goals.   Furthermore, her knowledge and expertise has pushed me to develop healthier habits, and make smarter choices with respect to fitness and wellness. 

I have recently developed a consistent habit of drinking 80oz of water every day, I consciously think twice about my food intake, and I strive to make healthier choices.  I have also incorporated salads into my diet, and do my best to avoid “junk food,” which is hard to do on a bachelor lifestyle, along with the absence of Mom’s home-cooked meals.   And lastly, despite only completing the first phase of my program thus far, I am thoroughly excited to already see physical results!  I already see a growth in muscles on my neck area, arms, and chest, while also feeling an increased level of energy every day! In addition, I have gained an increase in balance, and my posture has dramatically improved!   A combination of all of the above, keeps me motivated to execute my complete program, while also encouraging me to develop healthier lifestyle choices regarding diet.

I chose to work with Michelle because I had a previously developed rapport established through a workout class she offered through my work.  Her classes were always a great pleasure to attend, and I consistently found them insightful, as well as effective.  This is what led me to begin my inquiries with Michelle, regarding health and fitness.  Not only was she very receptive and open to providing recommendations, but she made clear the benefits of committing to a proper customized program. 

Without a doubt, I am very pleased with my decision to have engaged Michelle and moved forward with my customized program!

- Angel (12-month online personal training client)


- Susie (6 Weeks to Getting Back on Track and Back to You graduate)